Getting started

After the dust had settled from my initial bet and my 82 second time trial, I realized the enormity of the task ahead. One of my ex-track friends gave me an honest assessment of my odds of hitting 56 seconds before the deadline of October 1st, 2018: less than 1%. Brutal.

Over the next week, I took the following actions:

  • Hired my friend Kyle to serve as my personal trainer in exchange for a percentage of my winnings if I win.
  • Hired a personal chef, who has experience working with professional athletes, to make all my meals for the next year. His services are pricy, but I think it is +EV given the size of my bet.
  • Signed up for the swankiest gym in town – East Bank Club. Again, pricy, but +EV given my bet.
  • Decided to cut out alcohol, sugary drinks, and unhealthy snacks/desserts from my diet.
  • Decided to aim for a 10pm bedtime every night, and to get to the gym by 7am every morning.
  • Bought a ton of running gear.

Go big or go home baby.

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