November Time Trial

After repeatedly missing the time goals Kyle set for me over the past couple weeks, I was feeling a bit dejected. At one point, I sent him the following message:

“I’ve heard a couple people estimate my chances of winning the bet at around 1%.”

Kyle’s response was exactly what I needed to hear:

“what’s your point?”

On Monday, November 20th, Kyle and I went to do our first time trial since my initial 82 second run back in September. I had no idea what I could do – my best recorded time thus far on a 400m had been 75 seconds back in September, but that was during an interval training practice, and so presumably I could do better when going for an all-out 400m. But by how much? I had no idea.

We first went to the UIC gym thinking we could get in as guests, but turns out we needed a friend to let us in. We loitered by the entrance, and I tried to work my charm on the people coming in, but was not very successful.

So we headed to the outdoor track on Chicago and Lake Shore. The conditions weren’t great – temperature was in the 40’s, it was a bit windy, and the track didn’t have the best corners. I did my warm-ups, prepared myself mentally, and then went off.

When I crossed the finish line, Kyle excitedly asked me to guess my time. I was too winded and delirious to say anything coherent, so he just showed me his phone. It read 1:07, or 67 seconds. 32.3 on the front 200m, and 34.7 on the back 200m.

I pumped my fists in excitement. A long way off from 56, but a significant improvement from my starting point of 82. On a better track, in better weather conditions, my 67 probably translates to a 65. For the first time, the goal didn’t seem impossible.

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